There are several places where you can donate your shoes. We are working hard to find more drop off locations. We hope to have more soon.

If you know of other places we can set up as a donation site, please let us know.


Boise Rescue Mission -Downtown Warehouse

308 S 24th St
Boise, ID 83702

(208) 343-2389 - Phone
(208) 343-7607 - Fax - General - Warehouse

Meridian United Methodist Church of the Warm Heart

235 E. Pine Avenue 
Meridian, ID 83642
Phone: 208-888-2245
Fax: 208-888-5741

Foothills Christian Church

9655 W State Street
Boise, ID 83714

Needs Met Office

2418 N Valmet Ave
Meridian, Idaho 83646




  1. Needs Met is constantly growing as God directs. This web site is constantly growing and changing as well. Many of the things that you will see on this web site are still in the vision phase. This means that we are waiting on God to open up the doors by providing the means and finances for those parts of the vision.
  1. Needs Met is a vision that God gave us about 6 years ago. Vision of Needs Met.

  2. #1 Challenge the Church to "Be the Church" by meeting the needs of its own members. Accoding to Acts 2:45 this can be accomplished by the members of the Church gathering together their posessions and sharing them with those that have need.
  3. #2 Meet the Need of those in the Community. According to Acts 4:34 and 4:35, this can be accomplished by distributing resouces to each as they had need.
  1. #3 To meet the needs of the lost in the community, Boise, Idaho and the world. According to Acts 4:34, once resources were distrubuted as people had need, their was not a needy amoung them.
  2. This game plan is in keeping with Acts 1:8. Go into Judea, (The Church) Samaria (Idaho) and to the end of the earth (Other states and nations)



    Have Need Meeting Needs church Meeting Facility